Why Anna is Running

A Better Future

As a proud mother of two, Anna knows that it is on us to leave the 

next generation a better place to grow up in than we were given. 

Fairness for All Residents

Anna will ensure that all residents have a fair judgement based on facts and evidence. 

Close the Revolving Door

One of Anna's main goals as Judge will be to close the revolving door in the criminal justice system. 


Making the decision to run for Circuit Judge was not a decision I made quickly or recently. After much thought with my family and reaching out to my community I was encouraged to make the commitment to seek the office of Circuit Judge. Taney County needs a judge with a well rounded legal and personal background. I made the decision to run to serve my community that has given my family and myself so many blessings over the years. 

I want the chance to help make the judicial system in Taney County more efficient. I have a drive for taking what I see and making it better. I have always tried to improve all situations and am excited for the opportunity to do so in Taney County. I share the values of the people of Taney County and would be honored to serve as Taney County Circuit Judge.