Tri-lakes Board of Realtors

Thank you to the Tri-lakes Board of Realtors for your endorsement! 

Rep. Marsha Haefner

During my four terms as a State Representative and now serving in a leadership position in Missouri's House of Representatives, I have gotten my fair share of attorneys asking for my support to become a judge in the State of Missouri. I rarely endorse them due to me not knowing if they would or would not make a good judge for the people who will come before them. I can unequivocally say that Anna Morrissey will make an excellent judge for Taney County, support her wholeheartedly and respectfully ask that you consider this outstanding candidate. From Rep. Marsha Haefner, Missouri State Representative. 

Dr. Charles Rasmussen

Anna Morrissey has my vote for Taney County Circuit Judge. When it came to my family's future and security I used Anna for all our trust and estate planning. Her strong family values, dedication to our community, and legal expertise make Anna the right choice. 

Charles Rasmussen, D.O. 

Carlotta Stibich


I am so happy to show my support for Anna. I know she will be the best judge and that we would be so lucky to have her. I feel without a doubt I could not have survived losing my husband without her helping me. I cannot say enough good things about her. I knew I could depend on and that she was on my side and would do all she could for me and she did more. I would highly recommend her and her expertise to anyone. I did not always understand what was going and she was so good to help me through it all...I was a lost soul and she was always there for me guiding and listening and helping me I could not have gotten through it without her. I will be voting for her and I hope you will too. She deserves it and I know she will give it her all. I will be forever grateful to you Anna...thanks for everything.

Mark Haefner, Esq.


I have had the privilege of knowing Anna Morrissey since law school.  Anna is not only one of the most trustworthy and fair people I have met, but she is also one of the brightest attorneys I have ever known.  Anna Morrissey is the person myself (and many other attorneys throughout the state) call when they have a tough question and need guidance.  Her integrity and leadership make her second-to-none, and she will make a fantastic Judge.  The people of Taney County will be lucky to have her on the bench.  

Sara Henderson

I had the privilege of presenting Anna with the National Association of Junior Auxiliary Crown Award earlier this month. An even bigger privilege in calling her friend. My sweet friend Anna has worked so hard to deserve this award. She shows dedication, steadiness and determination in all she does. I've seen her improve on what needs improvement while embracing traditions in Junior Auxiliary. She is fair minded and will make an excellent Circuit Judge for Taney County. Please consider her when you vote in August. 

Madeline J. Allin


I am writing this in support of Anna Morrissey who is seeking the position of Taney County Circuit Court Judge and deserves your vote on August 7, 2018.  I have known Anna both as a professional and as a friend.  Both in practice and now on the bench as Municipal Judge for Rockaway Beach, Anna Morrissey has committed herself to maintaining the highest level for her litigants in Taney County.

Anna Morrissey is a fourth generation Taney County resident with deep family roots in judicial law.  Anna’s great grandfather served as a Judge in Taney County in the 1940’s. Her father, Joe Morrissey, has practiced law in the county since 1980. Anna, herself, has continued the legacy and for the past 13 years has practiced law in Taney County. 

Anna Morrissey has extensive experience in civil and criminal litigation both in our State and Federal Courts. Her civil experience encompasses the areas of mechanics liens, property and contract disputes, personal injury, medical malpractice, and collections to name just a few. Anna has practiced criminal law including felony, misdemeanor, and infraction violations. In addition, she has practiced administrative law including workmen’s compensation, social security disability, family law, and probate law. Anna is also proficient in the practice of estate planning and estate and trust administration. It can be said that Anna’s knowledge of law is comprehensive and all-inclusive. Her extensive knowledge of judicial law will allow her to bring a unique and much needed perspective to the bench, as well as a deep understanding of the practice of law in the State and Federal Courts.

On a more personal note, Anna Morrissey, as the mother of two children, is dedicated to her family and has a strong sense of community and desire for service. I have had the pleasure of serving on the Junior Auxiliary of Taney County Board with Anna. She exhibits great humility and selflessness in her service and has a sincere passion for making a difference in the lives of the children of Taney County. Anna’s giving heart and kind spirit are greatly admired. The Junior Auxiliary Crown Award was recently presented to Anna which exemplifies the qualities of Charity, Health, Community Service, and Leadership, the five points of the Junior Auxiliary Crown.

I know that candidates for this judicial position will have similar educational qualifications and some varied experience, but most important are the personal qualities they bring to the bench. Anna Morrissey’s character and integrity are impeccable. I know Anna to be an impartial and independent thinker and will without question follow the law while protecting the rights of all parties.  I have observed on many occasions, Anna’s calm and measured demeanor which is particularly suited for serving on the bench as Circuit Judge of Taney County.  Anna is dedicated to protecting the values we all hold dear in Taney County. Anna Morrissey is the Right Choice for Taney County Circuit Judge.


Madeline J. Allin, Ed. S.   Former Taney County School Administrator